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We hire the best and the brightest, and frankly so should you. 

The sale or purchase of residential real estate is a financially significant transaction that should not be entrusted to just anyone. Our associates have shed their training wheels and work with great skill, passion, and professionalism. They are the true local market experts who possess in-depth, first hand knowledge of the inventory, offerings, and features of the communities in which they live, contribute to, and work.

If you intend to consult with one of our associates, you can feel confident knowing that they have been carefully screened, vetted, and interviewed prior to affiliation. They have a proven track record of results, clients who sing their praises, and a tremendous work ethic. They are full time, full service professionals. Your agent matters. Choose wisely, like we do!

Samia Bahsoun
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
For over 30 years, I have lived and worked up and down the Jersey Shore, making Asbury Park my latest destination. Each town boasts specific qualities and unique characteristics. My role as your agent is to assist you in... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 745732.775.4660 ext 745
Cell: 732.861.9298732.861.9298
Edward Comune
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
I'm Ed Comune, and I've been assisting sellers, buyers, and investors navigate the complexities of residential real estate since 2001. I thank you for your interest and the opportunity to be of service. As a resident o... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 709732.223.4611 ext 709
Cell: 973.650.6327973.650.6327
Jeffrey D'Ambrosio
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
I may not have been born here - I was raised in western Massachusetts - but my love for the Jersey Shore runs deep. I have lived and worked in Monmouth County for several years now and have an appreciation for the area t... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 714732.775.4660 ext 714
Cell: 413.262.1502413.262.1502
Daniel Della Serra
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
I have been working as a Realtor and State Certified Real Estate Appraiser for over 25 years throughout most of New Jersey. Having worked in different aspects of real estate -from new construction, traditional, along wi... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 729732.223.4611 ext 729
Cell: 732.977.4041732.977.4041
Charles  Fall
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
I built my Real Estate practice upon my experience in corporate M&A followed by 12 years of residential home restoration and renovation in Spring Lake, Asbury Park, and surrounding communities – anywhere grand old hous... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 724732.775.4660 ext 724
Cell: 732.513.1882732.513.1882
Amber Fernicola
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
A native of the Jersey Shore, Amber grew up here and resides in her hometown, Brielle. Amber graduated from Rutgers University with her BA in Labor Relations and Employment Law. After graduating she worked in recruiting ... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 715732.223.4611 ext 715
Cell: 732.233.0729732.233.0729
Ellen Fleischhacker
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
As a Jersey Shore native there is nowhere else I would rather live and work! After spending several years working in investment sales in Chicago, in 2014, I decided to move back to my favorite place in the world with my ... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 749732.223.4611 ext 749
Cell: 732.492.2106732.492.2106
Heather Garrett-Muly
Broker/Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
When it comes to your next move at the Jersey Shore or beyond, be ready to reach your goal when you have one of the area’s most respected real estate professionals working for you. From her personal to her professional... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 725732.223.4611 ext 725
Cell: 908.489.3446908.489.3446
Melanie Giblin
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Whether you are buying or selling a home, as your agent and trusted advisor, I am able to guide you through a very exciting time of your life. Almost 30 years of providing excellent customer service has given me extraord... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 735732.223.4611 ext 735
Cell: 732.921.7533732.921.7533
Alfred  Gilly
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Twenty-eight years ago I made a decision to move from Kinnelon, New Jersey to the Jersey Shore. What a great decision that was! I live in Brielle with the love of my life Kathleen and our three children. All three childr... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 716732.223.4611 ext 716
Cell: 732.330.8880732.330.8880
Susan Heckman
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
"With almost 20 years in the real estate business, my clients and colleagues have come to know and respect me for my creativity, marketing expertise, compassionate spirit, friendly nature, and old-world work ethic. I suc... Read More
Office: 732.747.8846 ext. 739732.747.8846 ext. 739
Cell: 732.687.9980732.687.9980
Scott Hobbs
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Scott fell in love with the Jersey Shore having spent many summers here ever since he was a small child. Originally from Scotch Plains, NJ, Scott finally set down roots in the area and has been enjoying the Monmouth Cou... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 717732.775.4660 ext 717
Cell: 732.996.3720732.996.3720
Brian Homer
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Having the right real estate professional on your side is imperative when buying/selling a home. Dedicated professionals with expertise in their local market, successfully buy/sell in today’s competitive environment. A... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 727732.223.4611 ext 727
Cell: 732.580.2134732.580.2134
Paul Kaminski
Broker/Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
I am a lifelong Monmouth County resident who discovered my passion for real estate the old-fashioned way. Growing up, my parents bought and sold homes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. From them, I learned about constructi... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 718732.223.4611 ext 718
Cell: 732.241.6914732.241.6914
Azahria Kirchhof
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
As a native of the Jersey Shore, I have formed a deep appreciation for all the area offers, the exceptional array and types of homes people may choose to live or invest in, and most importantly, it’s very special and v... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 705732.223.4611 ext 705
Cell: 732.956.8987732.956.8987
Vietphi  Le
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Viet Le arrived to the US as a boy of 8 from his home country of the Philippines. Since landing on US soil, he’s stayed firmly planted in the Long Branch area, attending local schools, becoming an honor student and ... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 722732.775.4660 ext 722
Cell: 732.895.6039732.895.6039
Richard  Lewis
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
For the past 30 years I’ve had the pleasure to call the Jersey Shore home. I took my first steps on the beaches of Manasquan, enjoyed the occasional trip over to the exciting Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in the summer and l... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 741732.223.4611 ext 741
Cell: 732.567.1441732.567.1441
Robert  Lobiondo
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
A member of Team McMullen, bio coming soon...... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 738732.775.4660 ext 738
Cell: 732.890.9712732.890.9712
Janette Mackay
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Being born and raised at the Jersey Shore has made Janette an expert on the area. She is a dedicated real estate agent who is passionate about helping her community and is grateful for the opportunity to guide people int... Read More
Office: 732.775.4660 ext 750732.775.4660 ext 750
Cell: 732.822.8004732.822.8004
Jodie Mayer
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
I’m Jodie Mayer, and I’ve always had a strong interest in residential real estate. After purchasing my first home in 2009 I decided to obtain my license. With a background in accounting and corporate finance, I bring... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 713732.223.4611 ext 713
Cell: 908.910.9488908.910.9488
Kelly McCurry
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
In any market, in any season, the agent you choose to represent your interests must be knowledgeable, dependable, detail-oriented, and extraordinarily conscientious. I’m all of those things, and more. I’m Kelly McCur... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 703732.223.4611 ext 703
Cell: 732.861.9667732.861.9667
Joseph McMullen
Broker/Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
The central Jersey shore was an amazing place for me to grow up and I've chosen to remain here and help others who wish to sell, buy or invest in residential real estate. I care about people first and my business is buil... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 708732.223.4611 ext 708
Cell: 908.675.2528908.675.2528
Christine Meikle
Broker/Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Rooted in the community and founder of the team Homegrown Properties, Christine has lived in Monmouth County for over 20+ years. She's passionate about her work and is very active in business and real estate communities... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 742732.223.4611 ext 742
Cell: 732.800.1726732.800.1726
Erin Mitchell
Realtor AssociateSpecializing in Residential
Ours is a team that believes in cultivating long-term, solid relationships by establishing trust and loyalty through honesty and communication. As local market experts rooted in the community, we are committed to keeping... Read More
Office: 732.223.4611 ext 743732.223.4611 ext 743
Cell: 732.800.1743732.800.1743

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