What We Do

Time to take your business to the next level?

The Gallery Residential Brokerage has been specifically created to foster the growth, productivity and profitability of those dedicated to their practice and reward those who are independent, high-minded, and committed to relevancy, professionalism, and most importantly to the public and the clients they serve. 

Our focus is on doing great business. We are a collective group of hardworking people providing for our families, building upon our skills and contributing to our industry in a positive way. 

We are not for everyone. We are not for part-timers, hobbyists, or rookies, but rather for the established, full time agent who thinks like a business owner, works with intention and purpose, and promotes themselves as the true local market expert and economist.

Beyond a compensation model that empowers an agent to invest in their business in the way they see fit, we provide high level business consulting and coaching, state of the art tools and resources to streamline your processes and increase your efficiency, and a culture built upon a foundation of trust, collaboration, and integrity. 

Ready to have a confidential conversation about your business and how our model will support your growth and income? Call today to speak with one of our partners: 

John Meechan (732) 904-0614 

Jeff Kniffin (732) 996-8405